Catfish Parlour, Austin, TX

My parents wanted to partake in the Wisconsin tradition of a Friday night fish fly, but do so Texas-style. One interesting place that always enticed me was Catfish Parlour. They have a cool mural out front that you can’t miss from the road.

Another thing that you can’t miss from the road is their neon sign.

The outside of the building has a bit of an old roadhouse sort of feel to it.

When you walk inside, it definitely has a road house feel to it with all the unique things on the wall.

The table had all the condiments you’d expect out of a Southern-style restaurant and the menu had a wide selection of down home food.

Talking about down home food, they started us off with some hush puppies.

I got the fried catfish dinner, whereas Victoria opted for something a bit healthier with chicken.

There were plenty of sides to go around. I know I did not leave hungry and had to get a to go box.

One thing I remember about the service is our waiter Oscar had a big smile on his face the whole time and he was very on the ball making sure we had enough hush puppies and other food. I also saw this restaurant was old-fashioned and there was no wifi to be found (it was a place to eat, not surf the internet).

Additionally, this restaurant looks like they have their own set of local products. I see you could buy some of their tartar sauce and other condiments.

Also, when you first came in, there were a ton of business cards. I was able to tag the place with my blog’s card.

This place was really good! The food was definitely authentic and down home and the service was good. I can definitely see myself taking the Wisconsin tradition of Friday night fish fries to here again.

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