Chicken Oil Company, Bryan, TX

Wildly unique is the only way to describe this place. In many ways, I felt like I was walking into a place like Pioneer Village with all the artifacts around, only there’s a food menu. As you’ll see soon in this blog entry, I took a ton of pictures and only got a fraction of what was there.

When you first pull up to the place, it seems like a bit of run down shack judging from the faded and rusted out signs on siding that looks like it’s taken a lot of Texas sun over the years.

Now don’t let the outside scare you. Once you get inside, there’s a lot of cool things to see. Chicken Oil is actually owned by the same people who own the Dixie Chicken in College Station. I guess they had to show Bryan some love so they purchased an old gas station and converted it to a restaurant, hence the name “Chicken Oil.”

When you first walk in, there’s a counter you order at.

While the outside might seem kind of old and run down, the amount of stuff they have on the inside is amazing! This is one of the most unique restaurants I have eaten at so far, and just like the Dixie Chicken there is definitely an old school Texas roadhouse sort of vibe.

The table has your standard condiments of salt, pepper, and Tabasco and your not so standard carvings all over it.

Even with the name Chicken Oil, I deferred getting chicken to get a nice juicy burger.

Victoria’s uncle Craig decided to up the ante and make his burger a death burger.

Victoria didn’t want her gravy so I decided to pull some of the Northerner in me and dip my fries in it.

I did defer washing my food down to being a bit more Texas-style and got some Big Red.

The wifi was pretty impressive also.

Overall, this place is great! The food was good and the whole decor and atmosphere is something that you don’t experience too often. I know Bryan isn’t exactly a tourist haven, but if you’re ever passing through it, this is one of the places you have to stop!

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