China Gardens, Nipigon, ON

When Ryan and I took our trip to Nipigon, we decided to grab something to eat up there. He was searching on his phone and thought China Gardens would be good. We parked the car and walked to the door.

Upon walking in, the place had an old school feel. Not only did it serve as a restaurant, but it served as Nipigon’s only bar. The prices were reasonable and I could see this being a good place to hang out.

Ryan and I sat down and ordered. The food part of the bar was kind of quirky. We got one menu until the other table ordered. Then they came over with another menu.

We both just ordered waters. I had to drive and there was a ton of exploring to do.

In the meantime, they came with the condiments.

Another weird quirk is Ryan’s food came out about 15 minutes before mine. It came in this platter-like dish and looked very tempting.

Mine came in the same platter-like dish. I got the chicken chow mein.

Despite the service quirks, the food was good. It tasted super fresh. I’m assuming my food required a little more work to make so that’s why it took longer. The wait was worth it though!

After eating, I felt nice and full. Maybe next time I come to Nipigon, I’ll stay for the night. Then I can eat at this place and also hang out at the bar. Ryan thought this would be a good idea since the drinks are way cheaper than Thunder Bay.

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