China Grove, TX

Just like Luckenbach, China Grove is another unassuming town off the beaten path. It is, however, close to San Antonio. This is another place that would have never registered on my radar if it weren’t for the Doobie Brothers singing about it in their song, “China Grove.”

The population was a bit bigger than Luckenbach.

After hitting city limits of China Grove, I had to play it on the radio.

The city itself seemed like 1 main strip of road that went on for a couple miles. Overall, there were some nice houses there. I could see why the Doobie Brothers called it a, “sleepy little town, down around San Antone.”

After those couple miles of driving, we made it to the end of the street.

We turned around and drove back to the town hall\fire department\police department. I took a few pictures.

I thought it was cool to see this otherwise unassuming little town. From what I can see, the Doobie Brothers passed through this town on their way to San Antonio and the name must have stuck to the point they wrote a song about it. Without this song, this would just be another pass-through sort of town that you’d never really even think about.

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