Chippewa Park, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Instead of going to Mount McKay when I was driving around, I ran into Chippewa Park instead. I guess this was a place that I knew about, but ultimately impulsively discovered. From my understanding, during the summer, this place operates a little amusement park with concessions. It sounds like it can be a happening place to be during that time.

For me, I arrived in October, so everything was shut down and I had the place pretty much to myself. Honestly, that was great because it allowed me to have a peaceful walk around and really enjoy the nature. The views of Sleeping Giant were amazing!

During non-peak season, I could see this being an excellent place to relax and work on the blog just like Fisherman’s Park or Paddle to the Sea Park. I only ran into a few people there, but they were all doing the same thing as me, having a nice casual stroll in the beauty of Northwest Ontario.

The following are a bunch of pictures I took along my walk. I did stop a few times along the way to just really take in the nature and also the peace that came with it.

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