Chips Hamburgers, Marshfield, WI

If you want good charbroiled burgers in Marshfield, you go to Chips. This is a locally owned joint that has been a staple of Marshfield for many years. For a while, Chips was not in Marshfield. They had a location in Wisconsin Rapids and I remember my dad making it a point to stop there if we were ever going through Rapids. About 10-15 years ago, Chips finally came back to Marshfield and has been there ever since.

Chips has a very classic look to it, and the outside definitely shows that.

When you get inside, the menus also have the classic old school burger joint look to them.

The rest of the restaurant is like a typical burger joint.

I got the Champ burger and a side of cheese curds. You definitely know you’re in Wisconsin when you can get cheese curds instead of fries.

I know Chips uses a higher quality meat than your standard burger joint and the way they charbroil the burgers makes for a great burger (not to mention getting cheese curds on the side). I can see why my dad would always stop if he was in Wisconsin Rapids. I’m glad they’ve been back in Marshfield for a while and I know on my trips up, this is a place I do like to stop. On this stop, I was even able to make my mark on the bulletin board.

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