CILU 102.7 Lakehead Radio

When most people think of college campus radio, they think of a low budget amateur setup. They think it’s the farm team for broadcasting students aspiring for the big leagues. With Lakehead University’s radio station, CILU (102.7), it is anything but this. They have some high-quality shows and it is one of those hidden gems of Thunder Bay.

For the most part, the station is staffed with volunteers who have their own programs. Each person I’ve met is passionate about the content of their show and has honed their craft well. Two of these people, Ryan Trush and Matt Prokopchuk, each have their programs on “Hair Raising Fridays.”

Ryan and Matt have become good friends of mine. I have also profiled their shows here:

When I come up to Thunder Bay, I’ll usually sit in on Lipstick and Leather. Ryan and I talk and the time goes fast. I wrote a previous blog entry on the first time I hung out at CILU. The pictures were taken with my old phone, which is lower quality than my new phone.

As you can see, it’s a small converted house. It’s quiet and peaceful and kind of in the woods. Don’t let the small house or relative seclusion fool you, there’s a ton of good stuff coming out of it!

As I said, CILU is a hidden gem. When I get a chance, I’ll listen to it even from Texas! If you want to listen to it, they stream online: If you’re in Thunder Bay, turn your dial to 102.7 and you won’t be disappointed!

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