Cody, Are You The Impulsivetravelerguy? The Easiest Secondary Questioning Yet

After buying the new Focus, I was issued a set of temporary plates. Basically, this temporary plate was a piece of paper where the rear plate goes.

I figured I was going to get questioned about this at the border and brought into secondary questioning. I was right. I was first asked what my license plate was and the number and I told them I had just bought the car and these were temporary plates while I was waiting for the permanent ones to come in the mail. They also asked me what I was doing in Canada and I mentioned my blog. After that, they told me to park the car and come inside.

I sat and waited a couple minutes and the border guard called my name. Then he asked, “Are you the impulsivetravelerguy?” I replied yes and then he handed me my passport card back and told me to have a nice day. I guess this blog gave me a little street cred when it comes to my random travels and just driving around all over the place.

On the bright side, I was able to ask them how they did tax collection. I am still trying to figure out a solution for the Columbia POE. Just like when I rode along with the Thunder Bay Police, it is always cool to get insight on how other places do things and see if I can apply it to where I work. This actually ended up being the easiest secondary questioning that I have encountered and, in a way, I was happy to come inside this time to be able to ask them how they do things.

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