A Coincidental Visit to Eagle Pass

Since week 3 of the Surface Deployment was going to be a short week due to Veteran’s Day, I was thinking of taking a road trip on my day off. Part of the reason I wanted to take a road trip is to get the Focus at the correct amount of miles so I can do an oil change before I go up to Wisconsin.

I had been debating going back to Progreso and getting some cheap liquor again. I then thought I want to explore somewhere new. Last year, the night before Veteran’s Day I ended up being the sole tourist at the Alamo. I knew that Texas only had one casino and it was in Eagle Pass. I decided I’d head to Eagle Pass on Friday.

After I had got back from Victoria and Corpus Christi, I started to get to work. One of my coworkers asked me what my travel schedule was like and then mentioned that he has a ticket for a port of entry that needed a router. That location was in Eagle Pass!

Now this was an insane coincidence since I was planning on going to Eagle Pass anyway on my own time. I knew that driving and the work I had to do was a full day’s worth of work, but I had all of Thursday and, if I had to work into Friday\Veteran’s Day when the office was closed, that would be fine. That would just be more comp time accrued that I could use for my own personal road trips.

I worked late to get the router programmed and then got everything ready to take with me. I’d be taking the Focus instead of a work vehicle. I loaded the Focus up Wednesday night. On Thursday morning at my normal start time of 7:30, I hit the road directly from my apartment. As you can see by all the crap on my car, my car was sitting under the tree in the cage where the company vehicles go (you can put your vehicle in that cage when you take the company vehicle).

The drive south out of Austin was not bad. I would have hated to be driving north into Austin, as the cars were literally backed up to Buda.

It started to sprinkle a bit on my drive. Unlike jam-packed Austin, the drive turned pretty desolate.

Eventually, I made it to the Eagle Pass POE.

One of the reasons I had to install a router is they are doing some major construction on the booth. Supposedly the floor started sinking and became uneven. They tried some foam solution and it didn’t work, so they’re looking to revamp a bunch of stuff. It almost sounds like they need to knock down the whole booth and start over due to the cost to salvage what is there. Then again it’s the federal government doing this, so I guess they’ll do what they’re going to do. One thing I noticed was the room I put the router in was gutted, except for a urinal puck holder. I guess nobody wanted to pick it up.

The hotel that was book ended up being one of those outdoor motels. Overall, it was decent.

I also still got my Elite snack bag.

Since I had a little over 6 hours in for the day, I worked remotely in the hotel room like I did in San Angelo, until I had a full 8 hour day in.

Afterward, I decided to hit up the Lucky Eagle. After hitting my losing limit and eating some supper, I headed back to the hotel room. I worked on this blog and got some sleep. The next morning, I decided to check out Piedras Negras, Mexico.

After Piedras Negras, I hit the road back for Austin. It was nice getting back for the weekend and was definitely good I was able to take a trip I had planned to do on my own and combine it with a work trip. I got the POE booth up and running with internet and was able to see a lot of cool things.

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