Comfort Inn Airport, Winnipeg, Manitoba

After a long day of driving between Minneapolis and Winnipeg, I was tired. I was thinking of staying downtown, but it appeared to be too expensive, especially with having to pay parking separate. I looked up some hotels on my phone and this Comfort Inn by the Airport was reasonably priced, so I decided to stay here for the night.

I normally stay at La Quinta’s, but Comfort Inn is in the same range of hotels as them. Overall, the hotel was nice and met my expectations.

The Outside:

The Lobby:

The Hallways:

I didn’t see a fitness room or pool, but with all the driving I had done, I wasn’t too concerned about finding it.

The Room:

The View:

Internet Speeds:

Internet speeds were tolerable and on par with similar hotels.


Just like I’m accustomed to at La Quintas, this hotel had breakfast with eggs and sausage. This is definitely how I like to start my day!

Overall, this hotel was pretty standard and provided a good night’s rest. Everything that should be provided by a midrange hotel was. If all Comfort Inn’s are like this, I can see it being a good place to stay if there isn’t a La Quinta in the area.

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