Corner Bakery Cafe, Austin, TX

For our Friday lunch date, Victoria and I decided to check out Corner Bakery.

The inside of the restaurant along with the menu has a McAlister’s Deli feel to it.

The amount of baked goods in the case makes it feel a bit like Perkins minus the wait staff.

We ordered, got our drinks, and then headed to the table to wait for the food to be delivered.

I did a quick check of the WiFi. It was a bit slow, but obviously better than nothing.

I got the Uptown Turkey Avocado sandwich with some chips.

The sandwich was on warm toast. There was a nice thick layer of turkey that was complimented well with tomato and avocado. The chips were nice and crunchy. Overall, it was a nice hearty sandwich that went down well and filled me up.

I see other people also thought it was a good meal. We got there at the right time because when we left, it there was a huge line.

Corner Bakery is a good place to eat. I do like the cross between a deli and a bakery. I’m not much of a sweets person, but I might have to try something in the baked goods case next time!

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