Cousins Subs, Oak Creek, WI

One of my favorite sub shops is Cousins Subs. They are a Wisconsin-based chain and there was one in my hometown of Marshfield, Wisconsin. Sadly, due to Marshfield’s lack of demand for variety, Cousins closed. I’m actually not kidding on the lack of variety in Marshfield, especially for sub shops. There’s literally 5 Subways in a town 19,000 people and no competing sub shop.

With that, I’d make trips to Stevens Point to get my Cousins fix. When I lived in Madison, there were several Cousins locations, so I’d go often. At one point in college, I was going 1-2 times a week. As you can tell, I really like Cousins Subs.

When Victoria and I were visiting Wisconsin, we saw a Cousins was close to our hotel. I had to get my fix before going back to Austin.

In the meantime, Cousins has seemed to have rebranded back to a more classic look (Which I think is really cool).

Their menu still contains the same great subs!

One thing I love about their menu is it’s 100% Wisconsin. Where else can you get cheese curds as a side for you sub?

There’s plenty of fresh toppings and a grill and deep fryer behind the counter if you want something fried.

Along the wall is their homemade chips. These things are great and they even sell them in larger bags.

They also have sides like Mac and Cheese.

I usually get the turkey sub with everything on it. Everything on it was expanded the last time I visited. Just like I get everything on my pizzas like at Mod Pizza to get my money’s worth, I sure got my money’s worth at Cousins!

I also got some cheese curds on the side.

I was stuffed after eating Cousins! I sure do love subs from there and I really wish they’d open a location in Austin. I’m sure I’d visit it just as much as I did when I lived in Madison!

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