Cousins Subs

One sub shop I like to go to is Cousins Subs. Marshfield used to have one, but it went out of business. It’s weird because there are 5 Subways in Marshfield but no other competing sub shops. There was also a Cousins down the road from where I lived in Sun Prarie when I went to college. I used to frequent it all the time.  When I come to visit Wisconsin, I will drive to Stevens Point to eat Cousins just like I will for Polito’s. I decided to drive there to get a sub.

This Cousin’s Subs is right on the UWSP campus so everything is decked out with UWSP stuff.

Their tables also have pictures of Pointer athletics.

I walked up to the counter and ordered my turkey sub.

I grabbed my drink and bag of chips while I was getting ready to wait for my sub.

The wait was long since there was a lot of people in front of me.

The wait was worth it and the sub was good.

After eating, I headed back to Marshfield to relax. Basically the sole purpose of my 80 mile round trip was to eat a sub.

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