Cowboy Cafe, Roswell, NM

I was looking for a more American-style restaurant and Cowboy Cafe was recommended to me. This place appeared to look like an old school cafe the cowboys would have ate at back in the day.

It appeared to be as American as you’re going to get.

The front felt a bit like it could have been in the wild west.

Inside there was pie on the counter and the restaurant itself felt cozy.

The glasses of soda were huge!

The menu also had a wide selection of food.

The Alien Omelet caught my eye. I also decided to get some chicken fried bacon.

I realized I ordered a ton of food, but I’ve never had chicken fried bacon before and this was one of the most interesting omelettes I’ve ever had.

After we ate, I noticed the restaurant is right across the road from a feed store.

Cowboy Cafe had some really cool and unique food. I really enjoyed the super crispy chicken fried bacon and the Alien Omelette was out of this world!

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