Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Bryan, TX

Cracker Barrels are a staple of interstate travel. The crazy thing is, I’ve never actually been to one. I guess when I’m on the interstate, I typically try to find something quick and fast. A sit down restaurant is the opposite of that, so that’s why I’ve never stopped.

When I was visiting Bryan, Victoria and I went to Cracker Barrel with her grandparents. Now, Cracker Barrel seems more like an experience than just a restaurant. You have to walk through their store before getting to the restaurant. We ended up parking and doing just that.

There was first a bunch of rocking chairs out front.

Upon walking in the doors was the store with a bunch of merchandise. Being that we were in Texas A&M country, there was a lot of Aggie stuff there to buy. I know Victoria loved it, but her Longhorn grandpa wasn’t as thrilled.

Upon walking in, the place was packed and noisy with chatter. You could tell the food was going to be good. We took our seats and got two menus. One was for breakfast and the other for lunch. There were so many choices! I ended up getting Grilled Southwest Sausage with mashed potatoes and coleslaw. When it came out it looked like a home cooked meal. It was also portioned well.

We ate and then I looked around and took a few more pictures. The place cleared a little bit, but was still busy. After we were done eating, we headed back into the store.

Victoria posed for a picture on the Texas A&M rocker. I have a feeling once we grow old and have a porch, this will be a staple of that porch.

I can now say I’ve been to a Cracker Barrel and had the Cracker Barrel experience. There’s a lot of cool things in the store and I may have to check out another one to load up. I have a feeling I’ll be able to find some cool local things.

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