Curious Collections Vinyl Records and More, Bryan, TX

I always love a good record store. I’ve been listening to a lot more vinyl lately, so I’ve been seeking out record shops to visit. I Googled record stores and College Station. The results came up with Curious Collections Vinyl Records and More.

Curious Collections has a lot of great things going for it. The first is the layout. Many record stores try to pack as many shelves as possible into a tiny store. This gives a more claustrophobic feel, especially when the place gets busy.

Curious Collections is the opposite of most record stores. When you first walk into it feels very open. The openness makes the shopping experience less chaotic and more pleasurable.

Besides having an open and neat feel, everything is extremely organized.

I’ve mentioned in other blog entries about how I’m a stickler for customer service. Curious Collections nails every aspect of customer service. Mary Beth, the owner, was behind the counter when I visited. When you would ask her about a specific artist, she’d know if they had it and exactly where it is located. Besides the store being incredibly organized, so was Mary Beth! I found it pretty amazing how fast she could find something. That’s definitely different than a lot of record stores where it’s more of a treasure hunt.

Now, every artist you’re looking for may not currently be on the shelves. No fear, this is covered too! There is a registry wish list that you can put your name on and what you’re looking for. If it’s found, they’ll contact you. That definitely goes above and beyond what I’ve seen at other record stores!

Another cool area of the store is the listening room. This is also very wide open and comfortable.

Overall, I really like this record store. Mary Beth nails it with all elements of the record shopping experience. I highly recommend visiting this place if you’re in the Bryan-College Station area.

If you aren’t in the area, you can order online at The nice thing about ordering online is you’ll be dealing directly with them.  You’re not going to get something dropped shipped from somewhere else. What you buy is in Bryan, and Curious Collections does all the order fulfillment. It’s a business genuinely being local!

I’m happy a simple Google search turned up this place. I know I’ll be back to buy some more records. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the Krokus record I bought.

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