Czech Stop, West, TX

Right across I35 from Slovacek’s in West, Texas, is Czech Stop. Just like Slovacek’s, this is one of those gas stations you stop at for good food.

In many cases, you will not just come to this place by accident. There are plenty of billboards that make sure you’re well aware of its presence.

The gas station itself is very unassuming, but attached to it is a small bakery well known for its kolaches. Victoria and I pulled up and decided to check it out for breakfast.

You could tell the place was in demand by the extra parking they had across the road. We parked there and then walked inside.

When we got inside, we were greeted with the great smells of everything they were making. The store itself was small, but they had a lot of good things to offer!

I got a Klobasnik with Kraut and a funky shaped bottle of water to wash it down. The Klobasnik was very good and reminded me of a lot of the food I ate in Wisconsin.

Just like Slovacek’s, Czech Stop is a good place to make a quick pit stop and get something to eat. Ironically, both places are in the same exit on I35, but you won’t be disappointed at either. I’m glad I stopped and tried this place out. Now, if I exit in West, Texas, I’m going to have a hard decision to make on which place to actually go to!

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