Day Trip to Bryan

After the success of the router replacement in a day trip to McKinney, I decided I could make a day trip to Bryan to work on some issues they were having there. Bryan is half the driving time of McKinney, so I knew I’d have a lot more time to do things there. I reserved the company car and made plans to come on site. According to the weather, we were supposed to see a bunch of rain. They said it could be up to 7 inches. The clouds in Austin didn’t look too threatening when I left and it seemed like Austin was spared when I was there. On my way to Bryan, the clouds looked a bit more threatening.

A little outside of Bryan, it started raining. The parking lot was definitely wet and I had to park a ways away in the rain since the parking lot was packed.

I could definitely tell I’m in Aggie Country.

I was able to do the work that needed to be done there and then I hit the road. It was still a bit rainy. One thing that sucks about Texas drivers is they freak out in the rain and will even go in the ditch. I had to sit and wait a while because the road was closed off due to an accident where a semi appeared to lose control.

After waiting a while, they finally had one lane open. From there it was smooth sailing back to Austin. I have noticed these day trips do get a lot of stuff done, so if the location is near, I may be making more of these in the future to resolve some of the issues that have been hanging out there a while but need someone on site to fix.

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