Day Work Trip to Belton

I still have a nice list of 5505 routers that need to be replaced. The Cisco 819’s are proving to work well in places like San Angelo and McAllen. We’re going to use them as a standard when replacing 5505’s that won’t upgrade to the newest version of IOS. Right now I am in wrap-up mode, since next week I will be heading to Wisconsin midweek. I am trying to tie up any loose ends before taking a couple week vacation.

Belton is only an hour away from Austin, so I knew this router replacement could easily be done in a day trip. Unlike some of the sites I need to replace 5505’s at that only have agents there part time, there was a licensing person here full time so the office was going to be open during the day. I programmed a router in the morning and found it was only 9:30 when I was done. I knew I could easily make a day trip and be back by normal quitting time.

I saw a company car was available, so I reserved it and grabbed my newly programmed router to hit the road. You could tell the car was sitting under a tree a while. Actually, looking at the mileage logs, I was the last one to use it. This was 2 weeks prior in McAllen and Brownsville.

The Belton TABC office is in a Bell County office.

I had to walk past the elections office and found the TABC office a bit down the hallway.

Bell County pretty much provides everything but the equipment itself. Our equipment is in one of their network closets. One of their IT people brought me to the closet and pointed out where our equipment was. My heart sank when I saw a bunch of fluid on top of it!

I ran my hand over it and it was viscous and oily. Come to find out, it was from some fiber optic switch above it. It must be some sort of grease for the connections. I got a paper towel and cleaned it up. I moved the equipment further from where it appeared to be dripping. Hopefully all remains well and it doesn’t find its way to our equipment again.

My timing was actually pretty accurate in terms of getting back on time. There was only one other computer issue I had to address before I was back on the road. I made it back with time to spare. No fear though, I had to stay late for a project meeting. The project meeting was actually very productive and I’m glad I made it back in time for it. All in all, it was a pretty productive day!

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