Deep South Trip Day 7: Navy SEAL Museum and Driving North

The night before, my buddy Mat and I partied up a little bit. Now, we were going to head to the Navy SEAL museum, and then I was going to head north to the Carolinas. After breakfast at the hotel, we drove to Ft. Pierce.

We got to the museum with a little time to spare before it opened. It was a nice day, so I parked the car and we headed to the beach right by the museum.

In a short amount of time, the Navy SEAL museum opened, and we went inside.

Visiting the Navy Seal museum was cool. I learned a ton! I soon hit the road to drop Mat back off at home. After that, I took off and headed north. I noticed the power lines are reinforced for hurricanes.

Keeping with my avoiding interstates, I took US Route 1. I was able to see the coast a lot of the drive. I made a few stops at parks along the way, but for the most part, I drove it straight through.

After a while, I started going further inland, so I wasn’t going to get a good view of the coast anymore. I got sick of driving a bunch of back roads. After stopping at a sketchy gas station, I decided to go for the interstate again and make some better time. I would drive the interstate until I found a rest stop near Jacksonville to sleep at.

The following is the time-lapse video for the day:

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