Dino’s Subs, Arlington, TX

It’s always good to find unique places to eat. While working in doing the Surface deployment in Arlington Tommie had suggested we go to a place that was recommended to him by the cabling contractor. He had tried it the night before. It was so good he wanted to go again. We both hopped into my vehicle and headed to Dino’s Subs.

The inside was that of an old school sub shop.

The meat was pulled out of this round fridge and sliced fresh in front of you.

They had a decent selection of subs. I decided to get the Dino to try their signature sub.

I decided to get a soda, but if I wanted, I could have had a beer. This is the first sub shop I have been to that had a bunch of beers on tap.

The sub in itself was huge, so I didn’t have room for ice cream.

It was cool trying this place out and it definitely had a more mom and pop old school sub shop sort of feel. The Dino was definitely good and I may have to swing around to this place next time I’m in Arlington.

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