Dobie Mall Food Court, Austin, TX

Dobie Mall is on the University of Texas (UT) campus and has a bunch of private dorms, as well as a mall with a food court on the lower levels. I know in the past I blogged about going to the 2600 meetup at Chicon Collective. Chicon Collective has since shut down, so the Dobie food court is the go to place now. From my understanding, this was the original place 2600 met when a lot of the guys were still going to UT.

There is a lot of open area with tables there and usually it’s not too busy when we have the meetup. I don’t know if it’s been because of school schedules or maybe UT students are partying out on Friday nights when the meetup is scheduled. Before and after the meetup, I decided to walk around and take a few pictures of the place, since it’s a place I’ve been visiting once a month for a while now.

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