Dos Batos Tacos, Austin, TX

While Torchy’s Tacos kind of takes the crown for being the iconic Austin taco place, there is a hidden gem called Dos Batos. Torchy’s has many locations, but Dos Batos only has one. I think the only reason I discovered it is because it was next to the Walmart I shopped at on Anderson Lane. With their wood-fired meats, I think it got the attention of my nose before anything else. Over time, it has become one of my favorite places to eat in Austin.

Unlike Torchy’s Tacos, which are more Tex-Mex or Fuzzy’s Tacos, which are more Baja\California, Dos Batos is more Interior Mexico. I learned the family who owns it is originally from Monterrey, Mexico and have brought their style of tacos to Austin.

Using wood to cook the meats definitely gives it a more distinct BBQ taste. Essentially, every single time I’ve eaten here, the food has been amazing and that’s what keeps bringing me back. They have this amazing homemade hot sauce that adds even more flavor. The food is great and also interior is really cool with the murals on the wall.

Here is their tacos:

Here is a torta:

This is the special hot sauce that is homemade there.

Like I said, this place is amazing and I love to eat here. There’s something insanely unique about their food that keeps me coming back. If you’re ever in Austin and are looking for something unique (and also authentic), this is the place to go.

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