DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks, Austin, TX

It’s been a while since I’ve had a good pizza buffet. It seems most places only sell whole pizzas, so I’ll jump at a place that either has a buffet or sells pizza by the slice. This way I can get a single meal, without worrying about the leftovers going bad. I do love leftover pizza but don’t want to waste it if I know I can’t refrigerate the leftovers soon after.

DoubleDave’s is an Austin-based pizza chain that has a good buffet. I know when I worked at TABC, I would sometimes go to the one on Mesa Dr. near my office. For this blog entry, I went to the one closer to my apartment on Metric Blvd. The parking lot was brutal to navigate.

When you first walk in, you get the feeling of a comfortable and cozy pizza joint.

While there is a decent sized menu, Victoria and I each ordered the buffet. You could tell they were really cranking out the pizzas in the back.

The buffet had a large selection of pizzas and desserts. If you want to eat on the lighter side, there was also a salad bar.

If you wanted to embrace your inner child (or had children), there’s a few games to keep occupied with.

They even have some decor from another place I’ve visited, The Green Mesquite.

Sitting down at the table was all the condiments you’d expect out of a pizza joint.

On the wooden benches were DD brands.

I loaded up with a little bit of everything.

One thing that stood out and was unique was the pepperoni rolls. They were really good!

For wifi, I saw a protected network, but no password. Then again, with the arcade games there, you can just ditch the wifi and go back to being a bit old school.

Overall, I really like DoubleDave’s. I could actually walk to this one from my apartment. In many ways, that’s a good thing because I can see the need to burn off some calories after gorging out!

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