DoubleTree By Hilton, Aurora, CO

Victoria and I stayed at this DoubleTree while attending her dad’s wedding in Aurora, CO. If you’ve read my blog, you know I typically stay at mid-range hotels like La Quinta. With that being said, I was pretty wowed at how nice this hotel is.

The Outside:

We arrived late so I got to see it lit up in the dark. The next day, I took a picture of the outside during the day.

The Lobby:

The lobby was large and expansive. There is a lot of room for big groups to mingle.

The Hallways:

The Fitness Room:

The fitness room had a decent amount of weights and machines to use. You could get a decent workout there.

The Pool:

This was an indoor pool that would be nice to hang out at year round.

The Room:

Our room was upgraded upon check-in. There was a lot of extra space. The second sink was also nice. The closet was huge. Most of all, it felt very clean and upscale.

The View:

The view was that of Suburban Aurora. The neighborhood felt cozy and quiet. The view of the mountains was phenomenal!

Internet Speeds:

This is where I can tell I was in a more expensive hotel. There was a free and paid tier of internet. I chose the free and ran a speed test on that. The speeds on the free tier were decent compared to many hotels that I’ve stayed at.


I didn’t go into the bar, but it appeared to be nice.


Being that this was a more expensive hotel, they charged for breakfast. I chose to go somewhere else.

Other Notes on Hotel:

Victoria is a Hilton Honors member so we got a free bottle of water and free cookie. The cookie was super fresh and tasted like it was straight out of the oven!

The front desk service was also good. Victoria received a text on the condition of the room and if we needed anything. The checkin and checkout process was seamless. Overall, the hotel did a really good job. Maybe if I start rolling in the money, I’ll stay at fancier hotels like this. This DoubleTree seemed to do everything well!

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