Driving to the Buc-ee’s Grand Opening in Melissa, TX

It seems almost a year after I visited every Buc-ee’s in Texas the story went viral. I had moved on to other trips, but I was starting to get contacted by the media. KTEN asked me if I wanted to do an interview with them at the grand opening of the Melissa, TX location. I had some extra time so I agreed and hit the road.

I was still having to mess with the leaky tire so I first put some air in it before leaving.

I left when it was still dark and it slowly got light.

I needed to get gas and was actually going to stop at the Temple Buc-ee’s. I ended up overshooting the exit and stopped at a Cefco in West.

My GPS on my phone kept incrementing up the arrival time. I can see why with the traffic jams of Dallas.

I finally made it to Melissa! The parking lot was packed. I talked to the news crew and then did a recorded interview.

I then hung out by the beaver statue in the front. This is where the ribbon cutting festivities would happen. More and more people gathered around and even a high school cheerleading team was there.

The ribbon was finally cut!

The news crew wanted to do a live interview. I had some time so I walked around and took a bunch of pictures like I did when I visited all the other Buc-ee’s. The place was definitely busy!

I did the news interview live for the lunch segment:

KTEN.com – Texoma news, weather and sports

After the interview I got a snack cup and headed back to Austin.

I got another low tire pressure warning so I stopped at Slovacek’s and filled up my tire again and got a pepperoni stick. I then headed back to Austin.

I made it back to Austin and eventually got my tires replaced since they were due. I won’t have to worry about the low pressure light hopefully for a while. It was interesting seeing a new Buc-ee’s open and I’m guessing they’ll continue to expand fast. I’ll probably end up hitting up one of the new ones on a future road trip. You’ll have to stay tuned!

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