Driving to Waco to Put Some More Miles On

Often times, I will take a road trip to “true” up the miles for an oil change. In this case I wanted to make sure my miles would match up with my trip to Wisconsin so I could change oil there. After doing my musical tour of Central Texas, I calculated if I went to Waco and back, I’d have the miles I need.

I first hit the road and stopped at Heart of Texas Olive Oil Company and Georgetown Winery in Georgetown. Almost next door to it was was Mikey V’s Hot Sauce Shop, so I decided to get some hot sauce while I was at it. After that, the Georgetown Square looked interesting, so I took a walk around it.

Once I was done walking around Georgetown Square, I was on the road to Waco. I had planned to go to George’s Restaurant, but it was so packed there wasn’t even a parking spot. I hit up Buzzard Billy’s instead.

After eating, we headed back to Austin. I made a pit stop at the Texas Cheese House in Lorena. I picked up some cheese and was soon on the road again. Before I knew it, I was back in Austin with everything I had bought that day. I finally got the miles on my car I needed to true everything up.

I also bought a new GPS that is also a dash cam, so I was able to get a time lapse of my drive:

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