Dry Bean Saloon, College Station, TX

You may have read my blog entries about the Dixie Chicken and Bottle Cap Alley. Dixie Chicken makes up one side of Bottle Cap Alley and the bar on the other side is the Dry Bean Saloon. This is one of Victoria’s favorite bars to go to. It’s a shot bar with more shots than I’ve ever seen!

I swear my phone must have been doing shots as the pictures turned out interesting to say the least. We ended up having the bar to ourselves when we came in.

The first shot we took was a Starf*cker. This is one Victoria really likes.

I then looked at the menu and saw what was called a “Wisconsin Lunchbox.” I had to try that!

It contained Shiner (a Texas beer), Amaretto, and OJ. This was something I hadn’t heard of in Wisconsin, but it tasted a bit like a screwdriver.

As part of the shot, I got the remaining beer to chase it down with.

We decided that doing two shots fairly quickly was our limit. We walked out the other side of the bar and I snapped a few pictures along the way.

Dry Bean Saloon is a cool bar to go to. It’s a bit compact inside but you can only safely do a few shots anyway, so you’re pretty much in and out. I was impressed at the amount of shots they offered and both the shots I had were good!

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