Eatlocal Pizza, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Just as Dan from Wolfhead Coffee had reached out to me after seeing my post on a Thunder Bay group on Facebook, so did Jim Stadey, the owner of Eatlocal Pizza. Jim liked the fact that I made it a point to pursue local products and he wanted me to try his pierogi pizza. Around lunch time, I dropped by.

The great thing about Eatlocal Pizza is their name is their mission statement. They are deeply rooted in the community and make it a point to get everything from local sources. Plain and simple, this business is a shining example of a locally owned company that truly helps build the local economy the way it should be.

When walking in to the building, you could definitely tell it did just that and was a good local hub for information regarding the community.

One thing that is cool is they sell pizza by the slice. I love pizza places like this, since you can make a meal for a single person without having to worry about the rest of the pizza.

Now when Jim told me he’d hook me up with some pizza. I just figured he’d give me a slice or two to try. Instead, he walked out with a full pizza and handed it to me! This was definitely unexpected!

Keeping with the locally sourced products, I saw Heartbeat Hot Sauce and also Persians (I’m assuming from The Persian Man).

I grabbed a bottle of Heartbeat Hot Sauce and then proceeded to sit down and try the pizza. Pierogies are stuffed dumplings of Central and Eastern European descent. I had never heard of them until this visit, but they are a big thing around Thunder Bay (which stresses even more local).

The pizza itself was excellent and when I put some Heartbeat Hot Sauce on it, it was a match made in heaven! Obviously, a whole pizza was more than I could eat, but the rest of it provided several meals for the next upcoming days. I definitely ate and enjoyed every single piece I had!

Now I noticed that I had some mutual friends with Jim on Facebook. When I mentioned how he reached out to me, everyone all had good words about him. It does seem like he is very respected in Thunder Bay and by hearing this, it further cemented everything that is stressed with his business. The fact that he just gave me a free pizza because I like local products, further shows this. I was definitely not expecting this!

I’m sure I’ll be back here again on a future visit to Thunder Bay. Judging by the menu, there’s a lot of stuff to try and it’ll also help me find more local products that are worth buying on their own. If you truly want to support Thunder Bay and eat good pizza (who doesn’t like a good slice of pizza), this is the place to go. It is a model for what local businesses should be, and also what the average consumer should be looking for if they want to support their local economy.

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