El Chilito, Austin, TX

Every time Victoria and I would go to Flyrite, we’d also see El Chilito and say we had to go there. For some reason, we would always forget about it until we were passing by it again after Flyrite. This time, we did not forget about it and decided to have Sunday brunch there.

The restaurant itself is a patio cafe. While you do order inside, you eat outside. The inside was small and cozy and just had enough room to place your order and also drop a business card if you wanted to

They did have a lot of their hot sauces lined up behind the counter.

They had a pretty straight-forward menu.

Victoria and I placed our orders and then they said they’d bring it to us outside. It was a bit chilly, so we worked out way over to an area in the sun with some colorful picnic tables, as well as some tall vegetation.

I swear we had just sat down and they were bringing our food out. It came way quicker than I expected it to! Everything was already in a to go box and they made sure to give us a bag full of napkins and their hot sauce.

I had the Tex-Mex Guisada plate.

Victoria had the Pollo Asado plate.

As we sat there and ate, I checked the wifi speeds. They were pretty good overall, especially the download.


The food was pretty amazing! Their refried beans were what really stood out, but the rest of the food was also really good. I see other people thought the same thing, because the parking lot filled up fast while we were sitting there.

Looking back, I wish I would have went to this place sooner. The food was great, especially for as fast as it came out. It’s like you had the quality of a sit down restaurant with the speed of a fast food restaurant! I can imagine the dining experience really depends on the weather, since everything is outside. I can definitely see coming back to this place and if the weather isn’t favorable for outside dining, at least everything is already packaged in a to go box so I can easily take it home and enjoy it there!

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