El Fenix Mexican Restaurant, Dallas, TX

When I was in Downtown Dallas, my buddy Andy and I decided to stop for a quick bite to eat at El Fenix. We were going to go to the Dallas Stars game and El Fenix was just around the corner from American Airlines Center.

You could see the restaurant from a distance away. It was very lit up and very hard not to notice.

The inside was very big and open. There were many tables and the inside had the feel you were in Mexico.

The menu had a lot to offer.

The chips were very crispy and the salsa was nice and mild. It did really hit the spot!

One weird thing is they were out of Dos Equis. Since I had taken a Lyft downtown, this was one of the rare times I could drink. I know my buddy Andy was really looking forward to a Dos Equis, but I just got a Modelo instead.

For food, I went a bit light. I got the Soft Chicken Tacos Fresco. It was just enough food to fill me up while I had a few beers, but not enough to stuff me.

I checked their wifi speeds and they were pretty good.

Overall, the restaurant was decent. There were some oddities in the service. There was no silverware on the table when we got there and we had to wait for it a while. They were also out of Dos Equis and large glasses. Beyond that, the food was good and it came out very fast. Besides the few oddities, it was a good meal.

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