Salsa El Gallo, Weslaco, TX

When you go to the grocery store, at least in Texas, there’s a wide variety of salsa and hot sauce to choose from. Most of them come in your standard glass jars and it’s hard to tell them apart. When I first saw Salsa El Gallo, I had to do a double take. Is that baby food in those plastic pouches?

It’s actually not baby food. It’s fire roasted salsa! In many ways this different packaging is a genius way to stand out. I know it really caught my attention. I decided to buy all four of the flavors and give them a try. My first task was popping off the seal on the pouch.

The first salsa I tried was the homestyle red flame-roasted jalapeno.

I have a feeling the plastic pouches are also used to maintain freshness. This salsa, along with every other salsa I tried tasted insanely fresh like it was made minutes before. You could also tell they took their time in fire roasting all the ingredients together. There was an explosion of flavor and everything seemed to meld well together.

This salsa is smooth in texture and had a heck of a kick! It is definitely not for the faint of heart and your mouth will start to burn after a few tortilla chips dipped in it. The amazing flavor kept me coming back through the burn. This salsa is really good!

The second salsa I tried was the homestyle green flame-roasted jalapeno.

Out of the four salsas, this is definitely the mildest. Don’t let that fool you though! The more you eat, the more of a slow burn you will get in your mouth. This salsa is also smooth in texture and full of flavor. If you’re a bit faint of heart, but a little daring, this is the salsa to try. It’s kind of like dipping your toe in the pool before diving headfirst into the other salsas.

Next, I tried the habanero salsa.

This salsa is thick and creamy. It is also hot! This is the stuff that you could dare someone to eat. You will instantly feel the burn and you have to have a certain level of toughness to eat mass quantities of it.

Finally, I tried the jalapeno salsa.

This salsa has more of a guacamole texture to it. You may be able to apply this to food like you would guacamole, but you definitely want to beware of the kick. The flavor is great, but this will set your mouth on fire!

Overall, these salsas are great! They taste super fresh and everything blends so well together. You can definitely tell time and care is taken in making this salsa. If you’re looking for salsa with both a ton of flavor and kick, Salsa El Gallo is where it’s at!

The unique pouches definitely makes it easy to find at the grocery store and I could see them being great to easily spread the salsa on a taco. Knowing this level of spice will be a challenge for a lot of people, I guess I’ll dare you to give it a try and let me know how you handled it!

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