El Mezcal, Marshfield, Wisconsin

Marshfield isn’t exactly known for it’s large amount of choice in ethnic food. My dad once said, “You can get anything you want at Melody Gardens (a local restaurant\skate rink I will need to blog about in the future).” With that being said, a gem in town is El Mezcal serving up authentic Mexican food.

Victoria was with me and I was set to meet my buddies Jake and Oats. We all agreed on a time and met up there. The place serves good food and is always packed. We had to wait a while before being seated (which is rare for Marshfield).

Once we were seated, they brought the standard chips and salsa out to the table.

I decided to eat some more tortilla chips with the Nachos El Mezcal. I know it was a little different than my standard taco salad. It was good.

The food was definitely good and the interesting thing that, even being in the cheese-filled state of Wisconsin, there was less cheese on stuff than a typical Tex-Mex sort of place like El Mercado. In the end, it was still good and definitely a lot more like the interior. It is one of the places I enjoy hitting up when I get into Marshfield.

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