From El Paso to San Angelo and Back to Austin

When I was working in El Paso on Friday, I called into a status meeting on the upcoming Microsoft Surface Deployment project. Come to find out, upper management is really pushing this to get done. This means there is a big push on my schedule to speed things up. My trip in El Paso was going to be cut short and I was to head to San Angelo to deploy some Surfaces.

I did the deployment Monday and Tuesday. After I was done Tuesday, I decided to go to Chico’s Tacos one more time.

The next morning, I did a last gaze out of the window to see the city and sunrise. This is about the longest I’ve ever stayed in a single hotel room and the first I stayed over a weekend for work.

After popping into the office to tie up any loose ends, I got the satellite radio and GPS radio set up for the 6-hour drive to San Angelo.

I drove to the El Paso city limits. I knew I’d be driving into desolate nothing, so I decided to gas up. It’s weird that they have 86 octane out there.

The drive itself was scenic with desert and eventually mountains. I did also have to pass through an inland border checkpoint.

Eventually, I got off of I10. It became a 2 lane road and I know cell phone reception started becoming very spotty.

You could definitely tell you were getting into oil country.

Between working in the El Paso office and driving, I had a full day already, so I went straight to the hotel. It was another Holiday Inn Express and I think, with all the time I spent in El Paso, they upgraded me to a junior suite. The room was very nice.

One thing I noticed about the Holiday Inn Expresses is whether it be Wharton, El Paso, or San Angelo, the breakfasts are all the same. La Quinta seems to allow hotels to adapt to regional preferences, whereas Holiday Inn Express seems to standardize it everywhere. Either way, I got my day off to a good start.

The office was just an enforcement office, so it didn’t open until later in the afternoon, until the agents came in. Since my schedule was moved 2 days forward, I had a lot of paperwork to catch up on that I would have done in El Paso. I was able to work during the day out of my hotel room, catching up on paperwork and also clearing router configs.

I got to the office later in the day. I deployed the Surfaces and made pretty good time with it. It was dark when I had left, but it was cool seeing Fort Concho lit up. Last time I was in San Angelo, I saw it during the day, so it was cool to see it at night.

The next morning, I got up somewhat early and had a very bacon-heavy breakfast.

I got to watch the sun rise on my drive back to Austin.

Getting back to Austin was nice after being on the road for 2 weeks straight. I was definitely happy I got to do some cool things like scaling the whole Texas-Mexico border, going to Juarez, Mexico and drinking at a historic bar, but there were a lot of errands for me to run and I definitely missed my girlfriend.

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