El Pollo Rico, Round Rock, TX

If you want a good place for cheap and good charcoal cooked chicken, El Pollo Rico is the place to go. Unlike most American chicken places that focus on making fried chicken, this is a Mexican chicken place that focuses on cooking it on the grill. They also offer a wide variety of chicken-based Mexican dishes and also tacos. If you’re used to your typical American fried chicken joint, this a great place to change it up a little bit. They even have a salsa bar!

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk in is the great smell of chicken on a charcoal grill.

Victoria and I ended up getting a whole chicken meal. It was insanely reasonably priced and we found out we had about 2-3 meals in leftovers that we had to bring home.

I know there’s a few of these places dotted around Austin, so it’s definitely a good change up when I’m craving chicken, but don’t want something as heavy as fried chicken. The prices are great here and, if you buy a whole chicken, you’re going to be left with a few extra meals as leftovers. I’d say that’s definitely a good deal!

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