El Taquito, Round Rock, TX

I know this is a place 2 of my friends liked to go when they lived in Round Rock. To be up front and honest, the food itself isn’t bad, but the service sucked. We ended up waiting around 45 minutes for our food and this is supposed to be a fast casual restaurant with a drive through. By looking at the online reviews, I see their slow service is an issue that many reviewers have had. If you have a bunch of time to wait for the food, then this place is fine. If you’re expecting the food to be as timely as other fast casual restaurants, you need to change your expectations.

The one thing this place does well is have cool artwork in the building and the feel of everything is very authentic.

They did bring out some chips and salsa, so that was definitely good.

I got a nacho dish. It was pretty good overall.

Like I said, the food itself was good. I just know when comparing it to other fast casual restaurants (or even a sit down restaurant), it took an insane amount of time to get the food. I had to go up once or twice to check up on it. I see they might have some bands on weekends, so it might be a cool place to hang out if you’re not in a hurry.

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