Electric Circus (Austin Band)

Baby A’s always seems to have good bands. I know this because I can hear them in my apartment across the street. Instead of hearing the bands from my apartment, I decided to check out the one playing that night in person.

The band playing was called Electric Circus. I first watched them at a table and then moved closer to the stage as the night went on.

In many ways, I’m more into rock bands, especially classic rock. It seems like most places I’ve visited had rock cover bands. Electric Circus was a pleasant and welcomed surprise when they played a lot of Top 40 stuff, including a lot of Bruno Mars.

The band really nailed a lot of the songs and I liked how they made them more rocky and harder than the original. It gave a lot of good energy and was enjoyable to watch. They were also pretty energetic on the stage and I could see a lot of people really got into it.

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