Engel Orchards, Fredericksburg. TX

Tucked between Johnson City and Fredericksburg are a bunch of vineyards. The area is essentially the Napa Valley or wine country of Texas. Wine may currently define the area, but peaches were the original product of this area. They still hold a strong dominance of the area and there are plenty of roadside places selling them.

To be honest, I’m not that big of a fruit (or even sweets) guy. Typically if I’m on a road trip for food, it’s usually meat. There’s plenty of places in Texas that have great meat. I’ve even made a trip to Canada for the sole purpose of buying pepperettes (beef sticks). Prior to me stopping at Engel Orchards, I bought a hunk of jerky from Stagecoach Stop.

Now why would a carnivorous guy like me stop at a peach place? To be honest, it was actually the name. One of my best friend’s last name is Engel. I figured I’d stop by, take a few pictures, and maybe connect him with one of his long lost relatives.

I’ve actually driven the stretch of US 290 many times. I always saw the building for Engel Orchards, but they were closed. The great thing about this last visit is the peaches were in season, so I was able to stop. For the occasion, I put the song “Peaches” on by The Presidents of the United State of America.

Now Engel Orchards is right down to the point. There’s an area up front that has a shelf with bunches of peaches. There’s also a freezer with peach ice cream. Beyond that, it’s just about the peaches. They also offer some free samples. It’s effectively a roadside stand (plus a building) at its finest!

Behind it, you can see the peaches growing. If you’re looking for a true farm-to-table product that minimizes transportation, this is your place to stop!

Victoria and I bought some peaches and we now have them sitting in a bowl.

The peaches themselves are really good. Like I said, I’m a meat sort of guy. I don’t eat many sweets but when I bit into the peach it was juicy and sweet. It’s something that if I’m told to add more fruit to my diet, I might just start eating them more regularly.

These peaches are grown around the corner. I can also enjoy them listening to some Presidents of the United States of America. I know they love their peaches!

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