Everyone Loves Publix Subs Including the Birds

Personally, I haven’t spent much time at an ocean beach. All the beaches I’ve been to have been on lakes. Most of those lakes don’t have seagulls so I have never experienced how brazen they can be. Most wild animals are timid around people and tend to leave you alone. I found out seagulls aren’t that way, especially when a Publix sub is at hand (or in your hand).

Now everyone in Florida raves about Publix. They tell me how great their subs are. I decided to get one and eat it on Jensen Beach in Port St. Lucie. I got the everything sub and made sure it was loaded!

I was sitting there minding my own business. I had taken a few bites out of the sub. I will admit, the sub was really good! Well, a flock of seagulls also thought the sub was good. Before you knew it, I had a swarm all around me!

Being naive about seagulls, I didn’t think anything of it. I was looking off in the distance when all of a sudden one swooped down. It tried to steal the sub out of my hand! Luckily, I had a good grip on it, and it only knocked some vegetables in the sand.

The seagulls were still hanging around, so I shooed them away.

I finished the remaining meat part of the sub. I guess I learned a valuable lesson here. In Florida, everyone loves Publix subs, including the birds!

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