Everyone’s Tastes Vary

It seems many people try to assert the superiority of their personal tastes. They feel their tastes are the be all and end all regarding whether a product is good or bad. I want to make it clear that I do not want to be this kind of person.

I made a travel tip on how being a foodie can ruin otherwise good experiences. I understand the more you try something, the more you are able to know what is good and what is bad. The more experienced you get, the more refined your tastes are going to be. The biggest thing is you have a personal set of tastes that are strictly unique to you.

Now a lot of these tastes are first defined by where you grew up. Different cultures make foods different ways. Being originally from Wisconsin, I am very particular about cheese. I also am very particular about summer sausage and beef sticks. I grew up eating a ton of cheese, summer sausage, and beef sticks.

Growing up in the Midwest, a lot of food is bland. Salt, pepper, and ketchup are the three main condiments. I realize that these condiments are limited in nature. In other places, they will spice things up differently. I am using my Midwestern measuring stick to figure out whether I like it or not.

When it comes to rating food, everyone is right, and nobody is wrong. It’s insanely subjective on whether food is good or bad. To argue about it based on each person’s unique taste is a waste of time. It just creates animosity among people. In many ways, food should bring us together and not drive us apart.

I love to discover other cultures through their food. That’s why I view the grocery store as an often missed element of travel. I actively pursue the local products of a given area I travel to.

Eating at restaurants can be fun, but it’s not the only way to experience local foods. I’m often more fascinated trying to experience the everyday life of the locals. Most locals’ food experience does not start at restaurants. It starts at the grocery store. The local grocery store provides a lot of brands that cater to the local tastes.

When you try something new, you have the potential to be disappointed. In my reviews, there will be times I’m disappointed. Some people think I only write positive reviews, but that’s not the case. I always try to find something that positively stands out. I give everything the benefit of the doubt.

With that, some reviews might be negative or lukewarm at best. Just because my review isn’t the best, doesn’t mean I’m not saying you shouldn’t try the product. In many ways I’m encouraging you, even more, to try to product. Maybe I missed something. Maybe what I tried the product with wasn’t the best combination. There could be something major I’m overlooking.

This is why I encourage you to try the things I try and let me know what you think. Maybe we’re both on the same page. Maybe we’re not. Either way, having a healthy dialog can help me discover more things I’d otherwise not have thought of.

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