Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill, Houston, TX

One thing about Houston traffic is it sucks. It sucks even worse than Austin traffic. While staying at the hotel during the Surface deployment in Houston, I needed to find a quick place to eat where I didn’t have to fight traffic. Lo and behold, there was cool restaurant called Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill, and it was a short walk from the hotel.

I decided to walk over and check it out.

Their menu had a lot of good choices on it.

The food was laid out cafeteria style.

They even fire roasted the chicken.

Where you paid for your food, they also had a selection of balsamic vinegar and deserts.

The restaurant itself had a more upscale feel to it.

I decided to go here two nights in a row. The first night I had the roasted chicken with a Greek Salad.

The second night Tommie came along with me like we did at Dino’s Subs. We both got the roast beef. I also had a Greek Salad and mixed vegetables on the side.

Overall, this place was pretty good. I think when I get back to Austin, I am going to have to try some more Mediterranean-style food. I know it is healthy for you, and is definitely is good on the taste buds.

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