The Fanciest Clothes Donation Box I’ve Ever Seen

While in smaller towns like Marshfield, there might only be a physical location of say Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul to drop off donations, but in a city like Austin there are tons of metal containers that look a bit like dumpsters all over the place.

While most of the donation bins look like the pictures above, I have found one that goes well above and beyond that is tucked in the parking lot behind Walmart on Anderson Lane.

This one is the size of a small semi trailer and appears to have solar panels that must help with some sort of climate control. It also has these fancy turn-style spinning things that almost make it feel like you’re playing a bit of a game as you drop a load of clothes in it.

I know this kind of thing is weird and quirky, especially for a travel blog, but it’s something I have never seen before. I’m glad there’s these kind of things around town and it’s cool to really see the ones that go above and beyond the norm. I’m hoping this also shows that the organization behind this specific donation bin also goes above and beyond the norm.

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