Farmers Country Market, Roswell, NM

Small local grocery stores seem to always catch my eye. When I was driving around Roswell, I noticed Farmers Country Market and had to stop!

The first thing I noticed was a lot of fresh produce…

…including some of the things that make New Mexico great, hatch green chiles!

There also appeared to be a lot of good spices.

The checkered aisles were also really cool.

In many ways, Farmers Country Market felt like a good Mexican grocery store, especially with the hot sauces.

Some of the hot sauces even had sombreros!

There was also Mexican coke and the crispy jerky that seems to be common in New Mexico.

There were even Tapatio-flavored Doritos!

Their meat looked fresh. I did find this place to be pretty cool and I made sure to grab some of those Tapatio-flavored Doritos and we got one of the hot sauces with the sombrero!

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