Fast Furious Japanese Grill, Dallas, TX

Fast Furious Japanese Grill is trying to shift the paradigm for Japanese foods. They are taking a queue from The Fast and The Furious movie series. They are looking to provide food in the same manner. They have even decked out their interior in racing cars and other quirky paintings. I visited this place while I was doing a ride along with the Dallas Police.

As I said, the inside is kind of quirky. There are cars and other cool designs on the walls.

The restaurant is fast casual. They have all the food sitting in hot plates at the counter. When you order, they mix it up and then throw it back on the grill for you. You get a number and then it’s brought out to the table.

I ordered off the Furious menu instead of the Fast menu and got chicken with noodles. I got two sauces with it.

I can definitely say they are right about quality ingredients. It seemed like the ingredients used were fresh and non pre-processed. Overall, the food was really good! In the meantime, I checked the wifi. It was not open and I did not see a password anywhere.

This may have been one of the first Japanese fast casual restaurants I have been to. Overall, it was really good. They do live up to their name of being fast and furious. The food was cooked with quality ingredients and also came out relatively fast. If they’re expanding, I think they need to make Austin their next location!

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