The Fastlane Sports Bar and Grill, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Fastlane is a little ways from downtown, so I’ve only been here once or twice before. My buddy Kal, who previously bartended at Sovereign Room, now bartends here. Since I was staying at Night’s Inn, which is literally right next door, I decided to drop by and say hi to Kal.

This bar is one of those all around sort of hangout spots. It has the pool tables, a DJ, and a large dance floor area with a bunch of surrounding tables. The bar itself is long and you can usually find a spot to sit down and have a cold one. They also have a large smoking area where you can bring your drinks. I noticed that most places people are huddled outside, but I can see where this would be a better place to hang if you are a smoker, especially during the cold Canadian winters.

Another thing to note is Kal takes his trade very seriously. I see many of the things he posts on Facebook and he is definitely very passionate about bartending, the service industry, and just making cool drinks. I know some of the times I was at Sov, we’d BS as he was serving drinks and it’s been cool to keep in touch with him. If you want a place where you’ll get a top notch bartender who takes pride in hit up Fastlane when Kal is working.

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