Finishing the Office Move in Laredo

After the initial scouting of the office and doing the grunt work of installing the cables, we were finally ready to move the employees to the office. It was going to be 2 of us again, as there was a lot of stuff to move. We met at 5am and then hit the road shortly after. Everything was going fine until about 50 miles from Laredo, my coworker received a call saying his girlfriend was possibly going into labor. By the time we pulled into the new office, he confirmed it. He then decided to take the company car and go back up. He was going to come back the next day as the phone system needed to be finished.

It is always interesting when you are somewhere and don’t have your way to get around. The main reason I travel by car and do my trips is this exact reason; I am able to go on my own accord and not have to rely on other external factors. I called my boss to make contingency plans just in case my coworker had to stay longer. That night, since the lieutenant had the same hotel as me, I would just ride with him to the hotel at the end of the day and back to the office in the morning.

The first day was a lot of hurry up and wait work. We had a contractor install an electrical outlet higher up and then mount our equipment rack. After that was time to get everything neat into the cabinet. Then it was a matter of waiting for one of the employees moving to bring some stuff. I helped with the little odds and ends sort of tasks such as helping unload stuff from cars when there was some idle time.

Luckily in one of the more downtime moments, I was able to go across the street to the little grocery store and get something to eat.

I ended up working into the evening, but was able to get back for the social hour at the La Quinta. That’s where I was able to quickly eat a couple hot dogs with chili for supper.

I found out the room was upgraded to a junior suite. It seemed to big and the couch was huge. I guess for all the times we stayed there, they decided to give us a nice upgrade. It did feel like walking across the hall when I went from the desk to the bed.

Since later that week, I’d be heading up to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving, I needed to get as much homework done as possible. I worked well into the night until I go hungry again and bought some food from the front lobby.

I worked late into the night to get as much done as I could. When I was finally exhausted, I went to bed and got a little sleep.

The next morning’s breakfast was the same typical Valley breakfast with eggs and salsa verde.

After breakfast I rode with the lieutenant back to the office. I found out my coworker was heading back. In the meantime there really was not much to do until some of the other employees moved their stuff. The major had decided not to hire movers so everyone was moving their stuff. To be productive, I rode with the sergeant, who had a truck, and helped load some stuff. The interesting thing is it is almost indistinguishable which side of the border you are on when you get close to the border. The roads were like when I visited Nuevo Laredo.

When we got to the old office, I noticed this really old safe. It was about as heavy duty as they come.

It held a bunch of file cabinets. I’m sure this is where the super important documents were held.

It must have been brought in with a horse and buggy and a lot of strong men. Inside the cabinet, the patent read July 4, 1911.

Like the area I pointed out in a previous blog about One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, that same area had this big vault.

The reason the office was moving is the county was going to demolish this building. You could see that the building must have been separate buildings at one time judging by this walkway.

We got a few heavy cabinets loaded and headed back. This time my coworker was there. It was about lunch time so I went across the street and grabbed some food there.

After lunch, I found out the Major wanted another jack wired up. This got to be interesting with all the stuff in there, but I was able to run the cables along the parameter and get the jack wired up.

It was another long day doing all the work. We were able to finish everything up so we could hit the road early in the morning. This was definitely important because when I got back, I’d be heading up to Wisconsin. That night, we stopped at Whataburger across the street from our hotel.

The next morning was the eggs like the morning before.

Since I drove down and my coworker took his personal car down, it was definitely his turn to drive. I was awake until the inland border checkpoint.

After we orally declared we were US Citizens, I fell asleep. I slept all the way back to Austin. I literally woke up when my coworker was exiting Mopac for the side road that took us to the office. It was nice being able to sleep well the whole way I needed to be well-rested for the drive up to Wisconsin.

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