First Watch, Austin, TX

One of the shopping areas that I visit on a regular basis is the Northcross Mall area. There’s a Walmart there and also good places like Dos Batos. I always remember one of the restaurants in the area being a brunch only place call the Egg & I. I wanted to try this, but all of a sudden it had closed. Shortly after closing, it appears a new restaurant popped up called First Watch. One weekend, Victoria and I made our way to try this place out.

Upon walking in, we were promptly seated. One thing I noticed about this place is the wait staff were really on the ball and the service was top notch.

We made it to the table, got our menus, and were drinking coffee in no time.

Normally if I’m going to order breakfast, it’s usually going to be an omelette. I noticed this restaurant focussed on fresh quality ingredients and seemed to have a bit a of new age sort of spin to their menu. Instead of an omelette, I ordered the smoked salmon and roasted vegetable frittata. I quick jumped on their wifi while waiting for it.

I didn’t have to be on the wifi for long, because the food came pretty fast!

Overall, I was pretty impressed with this restaurant. The food was excellent and so was the service. They pretty much aced every criteria that makes a restaurant great and I would definitely go back here.

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