Five-O-One Sports Bar, Marshfield, WI

When I lived in Marshfield, one place I would always hit up for wings was Five-O-One Sports Bar. The place always has good wings and other food. When I was hanging out in town with my friends Jake and Caleb, we decided to go there. Another awesome thing about this place is they usually have free pool.

I decided to have cheese curds this time. I got them along with a caddy of 8 different sauces to dip it in.

I tried all the sauces.

Another thing they sell is huge mugs of beer for pretty cheap. I was driving so I just drank pop, but this is definitely a good place to hang to play pool, drink cheap mugs of beer, and have some good food. When I lived in Marshfield, it used to be one of main spots I hung out at.

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