Fleet Farm, Marshfield, WI

Fleet Farm, aka “The Man’s Mall,” is a hardware store chain in the Upper Midwest. From my understanding, the Marshfield store was actually the first store they opened. I do find this kind of interesting considering they are based out of Brainerd, Minnesota. Regardless, I remember going to Fleet Farm many times with my dad to pick up stuff.

Fleet Farm pretty much sells anything and everything and is a one stop shop for almost anything you need. Being a local chain, I decided to check out what they had for local products.

While the store’s main color revolves around orange, there’s plenty of Green and Gold, as well as Red and White, to cheer on the Packers and Badgers.

The aisles themselves have a hardware store feel to them.

Granted, there actually is a lot of hardware stuff like tools there.

Hardware isn’t the only thing there. There’s plenty of sporting goods stuff for hunting and fishing, as well as spices to help prepare the game you bagged.

While they don’t sell alcohol, they sell stuff to make a good drink. In Wisconsin, you add brandy to that old fashioned.

Don’t forget to grab some candy.

If you need more durable clothes than what’s sold at Walmart, this is the place to go.

Even being in Wisconsin, you can get cowboy boots there. That’s probably easier than hopping the border into Mexico, like I’ve done.

As I said, the place has pretty much anything and everything.

They even make it a one stop shop to get hunting, fishing, and ATV or snowmobile licenses.

The only other place I’ve visited so far that compares to Fleet Farm is Canadian Tire. Obviously, Fleet Farm doesn’t have the brand recognition of Canadian Tire, but it is a staple in places like Marshfield. I know going to “Fleet” is the first choice for many people and I can stay I’ve been to this store more times than I can count.

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