Flooding in Kenosha, WI

This year, Wisconsin has been hit really hard with rain. It seems like they can’t go more than a couple days without it raining. From what I have been told, they had one of the wettest springs on record and it appears the whole summer it hasn’t let up. When I was driving to Oshkosh,I ran into the full affects of the rain that caused a bunch of flooding in Kenosha. The flooding that I saw was after I had visited Southport Park and was headed to Oshkosh.

On each side of the road it was like a lake.

My GPS said there was a delay in the road. I thought it was the interstate, but come to find out it was because the road was flooded. There were a big line of cars looking to drive through it slowly and it was definitely interesting driving through the flooded road.

Judging by the radar, it looked like more rain was coming. I have a feeling I got out of there in the right amount of time because any more water over the road would have probably shut it down.

In Texas, they say, “turn around, don’t drown.” It’s nothing to see flash floods and it’s a way of life there. This doesn’t happen as often in Wisconsin, but when you have the wettest seasons on record, obviously there’s going to be some flooding issues.

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